Valgus limb deformities

Valgus deformity of the lower extremities is characterized by a X-shaped form of the legs, due to the weakening of the muscles of the ligamentous apparatus. Violation may be cause of the pathology of the spine the pillar, the failure of the internal systems and organs.

a valgus deformity of the tibia

Features of the development of a valgus deformity

Valgus deformity of the lower limbs in children may be as congenital, acquired pathology. The main changes occur in the knee joint of a child, visually it is possible to observe overextension of the foot and deviation of the heel outwards.

The main causes of the curvature of the feet and lower limbs in children:

  • Genetic function;
  • Anomalies of the limbs;
  • Violation of the integrity of bones and cartilage;
  • Poor absorption of useful elements;
  • Inflammatory or infectious processes;
  • Severe injuries to the limbs;
  • He moved in childhood rickets;
  • Overweight.

In these conditions small congenital deformities in children are able to deteriorate, increasing the depth of the arc of curvature. Subsequently, the formed pathological processes in the joints of the knees and pelvis.

Deformity of the knee joint – the availability of a distance of more than 5.5 cm between the inner sides of the feet. A congenital defect in children is diagnosed only rarely, most often it is associated with improper intrauterine development of the hip, foot and shin.

A common reason a valgus deformity of the lower limbs – the natural instinct, which you establish feet in an attempt to maintain balance. It is non-vitiatam deviation can disappear in 8-10 years of a child's life.

Disease in childhood arises because of the increased load on the legs, soon portum on a walker, an accelerated process of walking the baby, because of hereditary weakness and underdevelopment of the ligaments.

The symptoms of the disease

Hallux valgus of the lower limbs in children represent not only a cosmetic defect, but significantly reduce the quality of life. With the development of human disease difficult to move, walking becomes cumbersome, the condition is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • A persistent gnawing feeling in the extremities;
  • Violation of the circulation of the blood – cyanosis of the skin sheets, the formation of varicose veins;
  • Fatigue during the movement;
  • Swelling in the area of the calf muscles;
  • Shuffling feet during the walk.
valgus deformation of the lower extremities treatment

Due to improper loading of the joints in children is gradually collapsing. If the time to take therapeutic measures to eliminate the disorder the patient loses the ability to move.

On the photo a valgus deformity of the limbs, it looks like X-shaped curvature when it is possible to reduce the knees. Observed an obvious shift of the axis of the limbs and the distance between the inner ankles becomes larger than 5, see

The degree of distortion

In the initial stage of the disease the deviation of the tibia towards the outside is not higher than 10 to 15 degrees, in the second – more than 15-20 degrees. In a severe degree of curvature of the diagnosed deviation to 20 and more degrees.

Treatment pathology

After examination by the orthopedic surgeon, to perform x-ray image of the lower limb in two planes diagnosed with the disease. To determine the causes of deformation may require ultrasound examination, handing over the analysis of blood, checking the work of the kidneys.

Principles of treatment of valgus deformity of the lower extremities in children and adults:

  • For the removal of painful symptoms appointed by the orthopedic action – are used corrigendum laying, fixing tires, orthopedic shoes. It is important that the substrate was flexible and tough, a heel lower than 5 mm, wide sock, individually matched to the insole;
  • To stabilize the joint and strengthen the muscle corset the child need a therapeutic massage – a minimum of 20 sessions per month, the intensity of the action on the damaged area increases gradually, using techniques stroking, grinding, vibration, tapping, massaging the pizzicato movements;
  • Physiotherapy impact – electro stimulation of the plantar muscles, improves blood circulation, promotes the physiological position of the foot during motion;
  • Physiotherapy – the number of exercises and the regularity of their performance is determined by the doctor. When a valgus deformity of the feet and lower limbs in children practicing flexion and extension of the ankle joints, the rotation of the feet at the front, gripping and holding the fingers of small items, squat, squats, walking on the spring side of the foot.

In the neglected case, when the correct pathology of the conservative methods can not be, is assigned to the operation – of the osteotomy. The result of treatment is the removed part of the femur, the rest of spliced. Then, what is it used compression-distraction osteosynthesis: sets the device Elizarova, to form a right angle between the bones of the foot and lower limb.

After surgery on the 2-3 day takes place cooling and analgesia operated legs, walking the patient, prescribes a special walker, and later crutches.

Complications after surgery occur rarely – it may be bleeding from-behind-cuts of the blood vessels, joining a secondary infection, severe pain when walking.

Thanks to the surgery you can get a great result, although it is possible, and the re-development of disease – without the implementation of preventive actions, excessive load on the lower limbs.

Surgery in childhood and adolescence is not usually used, the more often it is shown to the elderly, when the curvature of the lower extremities is accompanied by inflammatory processes, the rich swelling, impaired coordination of movement.


It is possible to prevent the occurrence of a valgus deformity of the tibia? To the feet of the child physiologically properly developed the important to feed the diet of a baby useful trace elements, in addition to giving vitamin D to prevent the development of rickets.

When the first steps of the child to purchase quality shoes, avoid excess load on the hips and shins under the age of 7 months. It is useful to periodically do a relaxing foot massage, thermal baths with the addition of the extract from pine needles, a decoction of medicinal plants.

A positive effect on the installation of the legs:

valgus deformation of the lower extremities exercises
  • Swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Skiing, skateboard;
  • The game of soccer;
  • Climbing the stairs, the Swedish wall.

In the warmer months it is useful to walk barefoot on the grass, pebbles, sand, dusty road. It is important to avoid hypothermia or overheating of the limbs, so as not to worsen the course of the disease.

At the slightest sign of the curvature is important to seek help from the doctors – I can lead to disability and a lethal effect (the development of thrombophlebitis, the curvature of the spine, a violation of the functioning of the internal systems and organs).

Early treatment of valgus deformation of the lower limbs allows you to avoid traffic, eliminating heightened fatigue, foot injuries, problems with the physical motion of the apparatus.