Experience with the use of Valgosocks

This story told us vera friends from Prague. A girl to share my problem and reports how she managed to get rid of on your feet by using socks Valgosocks.

Experience with the use of Valgosocks

My grandmother a very long time suffered from built near the big toes on my feet and I remember well the curve of the station, which carried her a lot of pain. I knew that, genetically, this disease can be transmitted, but as with moms is such a problem wasn't about prevention in particular, I do not care. And I had no idea that I will touch this problem.

As for me the problems started with the jam on feet

Problems with шишками on ступнях started for me when I got to the post of chief manager in one of the best restaurants in the city. On dress code I always had to wear shoes-лодочки with a heel height of 10 see, all While maintaining the 10 hours of the working day was necessary to be done in стоячем position, but crouch is only possible in the lunch break. Of course, that the legs after work, became tired, very hard, but I thought it is just from непривычки, and soon everything will be held. In order to somehow reduce the pain, I did the baths with sea salt and enjoyed a cooling gel.

A month of such work, I noticed that the leg has become noticeably larger, with strongly reddened. I remembered that grandmother мазала the affected area some настоем. I asked my mom what it was for medicine, and she gave me the recipe. Well and I to self-treat. Unfortunately, it was a great stupidity, because first of all, this way grandma and not help, and secondly, it was necessary to pull up with the solution to the problem, and go to a specialist.

Here as the evil my напарница went on vacation, and I'm 3 weeks she worked during the week. During this time the state of my feet has significantly worsened, the finger became very crooked, but the pain was such that sleep at night, I could only after a dose of sleeping pills and anesthetics. Feet your shoes already, it was not possible, therefore had to buy shoes a couple of sizes larger, to somehow tune into возращения напарницы and immediately go to the hospital.

How I managed to remove all of the problems thanks to носкам Valgosocks

In general, the last days have just been hell: I tried all the ointments, decoctions and poultices, which I managed to read on the internet, but the result was not so. Перечитав a lot of information about this disease, I went on a long-awaited income to ортопеду with absolute certainty, that I will help only surgical intervention. The doctor carefully examined me, and said, that is the need for operations no, but heels bring me categorically cannot be, at least in the course of treatment. As treatment doctor prescribed me to wear носочки Valgosocks. Noticed my distrust to this treatment, the expert assured that it is very effective, and that many patients managed to completely get rid of the problem just because корректору.

In general, from the work she had to leave, because of the long holiday I was not able to provide. I bought носочки Valgosocks and start to wear them. After a few weeks I my eyes it is not trusted – finger has really become a deal, the swelling disappeared, the pain is not as strong, and only after a prolonged stay on the road. I decided to give you more time to rest, without burdening the feet, and the result is not forced to wait long – already through 2 months носочки I wore not regularly, but only after the high-heeled shoes. Still over a month in them already there was no need. A pity that before it was as proofreaders – my grandmother would really come in handy.

Now I wear comfortable shoes, not from ортопедического shop, narrow and not too high heels. Sometimes I'm sure, left to itself and fashion shoes on high heels, after which, by the way, the legs do not get tired as before. Now I realized that it exists at all standard, and that my feet hurt after any kind of exertion. I hope that my feedback will be useful, and прочитавшие his girl will suffer a blister on his leg, and will be able to live a full life, using носочки Valgosocks.